PRESS RELEASE | LEXI Launches Investment Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Continue Substantial Traction in the Enterprise IoT Platform Space

Universal Platform Poised to Transform Smart Spaces by Supporting All Major Smart Home Ecosystems, All Major Wireless Protocols & More

BERKELEY, California – September 8, 2022 – LEXI, the company behind the industry’s most comprehensive IoT platform that’s transforming how both enterprises and consumers manage and automate their Smart Spaces, today announced the launch of their investment campaign on leading investment platform Republic. Founded by alumni from AngelList, Republic is the largest online platform for private investing. Republic was home to the first $5M Reg CF raise and has recently hosted its 13th $5M Reg CF raise. The IoT campaign is now open to anyone interested in what McKinsey & Co. has projected to be a $5.5 trillion market by 2025.  

Gateway to the IoT Universe LEXI’s White-Label Enterprise IoT Platform includes a true multi-protocol gateway that is upgradeable to Matter, iOS and Android mobile apps. It boasts a comprehensive portfolio of IoT devices, a U.S.-based cloud, platform-as-a-service business model, and a suite of monthly recurring revenue services.

After earning $2.5 million in 2021, LEXI is poised to triple revenue in 2022. Enterprise customers select LEXI for a number of compelling reasons, including advantages around the platform being:

  • Universal: LEXI supports all major smart home ecosystems including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT and coming soon Apple HomeKit, HomeAssistant and HomeBridge.  
  • Multi-Protocol: LEXI supports all major wireless protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, 900MHz, LoRaWAN® and cellular.
  • Interoperable: LEXIintegrates and manages many leading IoT products from Philips Hue, TP-Link, LIFX, Sengled and others.
  • U.S.-Based Cloud: Data remains secure and private, and as the only independently built IoT cloud platform LEXI’s costs are 90% less than competitive offerings.
  • Intelligent: Four U.S. patents in the application of Machine Learning to IoT are just the beginning of what makes LEXI not just smart, but Intelligent.
  • Wholesale Recurring Revenue Services: Categories include Security, Aging-in-Place, Automated Energy Management, Automated Air Quality Management, Leak Detection & Mitigation and others that can be resold.
  • Future-Proofed: LEXI’s Universal IoT Gateway is upgradeable to IoT protocols Thread and Matter – the upcoming IoT interoperability standard.

“Through our software, hardware and services we facilitate the smarter home, smarter building, smarter everything,” said John E. Osborne II, COO, LEXI. “LEXI enhances experiences to nurture the relationships we’re making with the technologies around us. Our platform and the people behind it all work diligently to propel the promise of the IoT.”

“In addition to our solid technical advantages, our senior executives have been in the IoT space for over a decade. They hold senior positions on the boards of key wireless standards bodies such as the Connected Standards Alliance (formerly the Zigbee Alliance) as well as the Z-Wave Alliance,” said Scott Cahill, CEO, LEXI. “This gives us a front-row seat to not only see but more importantly to help shape what’s coming next in the IoT space.”

Learn more here about how the LEXI Enterprise IoT Platform works for smart home, building, city, agriculture, industrial control, Telco and Helium environments. To contribute to leading the charge into the IoT’s next frontier, support LEXI HERE at the Republic campaign page.

About LEXI®

LEXI offers the ultimate gateway to the IoT universe. Our intelligent IoT platform is flexible, future-proof, and designed to empower companies to easily and intuitively add and manage Smart Devices for the home, building, city and agriculture. Our executive team is involved at the board level within leading global standards bodies that are charting the course for the connected future. Built by design to work with ALL leading ecosystems*, ALL major wireless protocols** and to bridge competitive third-party products, our Universal IoT Gateway is unrivaled, the LEXI Mobile App is comprehensive yet uncomplicated, and our U.S.-based cloud services were built by us from the ground up, enabling LEXI to deliver truly unique functionality at up to 90% cost savings over all our competitors. Learn more about the LEXI IoT Edge-to-Cloud Platform and other intelligent advantages at

About Republic Republic is a global financial technology company that allows anyone to invest in anything, anywhere. Republic operates several distinct business lines including a retail investment platform, a private capital division, and a blockchain advisory practice. The Republic ecosystem has deployed over $1.5 billion in investments, has supported over 600 companies, and comprises over 2M community members across 150 countries. Republic is backed by dozens of leading investment firms and financial institutions and its affiliated entities have co-invested with the best names in venture and private equity. Founded in 2016, Republic is headquartered in New York City with offices worldwide. For more information visit us at or @joinrepublic on Twitter.

*Supports Amazon Alexa®, Google Home®, HomeKit®, IFTTT® & Samsung SmartThings®

**Far-reaching and future-ready: 900MHz, Bluetooth, LoRa, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave plus OTA to BLE Mesh, Thread and Matter