Powerful IoT Enablement and Optimization for your Business

In nearly every industry, Wired is being quickly replaced with Wireless.

LEXI’s SmartENTERPRISE provides you a comprehensive White Label solution to make that transition.

We provide all the software as well as hardware you need to make that transition, quickly and, with our DTUs, without even changing your equipment.

  • Monitor, Control, and Optimize Energy Usage in Real-Time
  • Reduce Environmental Footprint
  • Streamline Processes, Reduce Inefficiencies for Significant Cost Savings and Enhanced Market Competitiveness
Beyond Wireless-Business Intelligence

Leveraging real-time data insights, predictive analytics, and automation capabilities, our platform empowers businesses to cut deployment times and costs, identify inefficiencies and streamline processes.

Whether it’s optimizing HVAC systems, managing lighting and appliances, or monitoring equipment performance, our IoT platform provides businesses with the tools they need to make informed decisions.


Comprehensive, White-Labeled IoT Platform

White-Label Global Cloud
  • Multi-Tiered Architecture
  • Bespoke IoT Cloud. Not White Label AWS
  • AI & ML
  • Roles Based Access Control
  • Administration Portal
  • Device Registration & Authentication
  • Customer Service Portal
  • Developers Portal
  • LoRa Network Server
  • Video Cloud Storage
  • White-Label Billing System
  • No Chinese Server Locations
White Label Mobile Apps
  • iOS & Android
  • Supports all major IoT Product Categories
  • Device control and Gateway management
  • Rules/Automations
  • Device Telemetry
  • Works with and without a Gateway

Coming Soon

  • Contractor/Installer mode
  • Building/Tenant mode
Universal IoT Gateway
  • Universal IoT Wireless Protocol Support
  • Cellular support
  • Powerful NXP Processor
  • MicroK8s for Kubernetes support
  • MQTT Broker
  • Ethernet
  • POE
  • RS-485 Ports
  • USB C & A ports
  • DIN Rail Adapter
  • Multiple Product IDs, including:
    • IP67 Rated version
    • Thermostat/Gateway
  • Custom Product IDs available
Extensive Smart Device Catalog
  • All Major IoT categories
  • LEXI Designed Devices
  • 3rd Party Devices
Wireless Modules & DTUs
  • Wireless modules supported across all key protocols
  • Data Transfer Units (DTUs) convert installed wired equipment to wireless for easy retrofits
  • Modbus over Wireless
3rd Party Software
  • Customer applications can be loaded onto the Gateway using Docker Containers

SmartENTERPRISE for Industrial & Manufacturing

Smart HVAC, Smart Water, Smart Agriculture & more

Transition from Selling Products to Selling Solutions

Our customers tell us that their customers expect more from them.  They want solutions, not just equipment.

With LEXI’s white label SmartENTERPRISE they can do just that –  deliver a comprehensive suite of capabilities with robust device telemetry, business intelligence, and even adding new smart devices supplied by LEXI.

Improve your Value Proposition with Wireless

Wireless equipment has lower deployment costs as well as faster installation times. 

Leverage Modbus Over Wireless

No need to change how your existing equipment works.

LEXI supports Modbus over several industrial wireless protocols, including LoRaWAN and Thread.

Benefit from our AI Energy Management

LEXI SmartENTERPRISE comes pre-built with automated energy management functionality. 

In addition, we have built a suite of energy management reporting & business intelligence. 

Seamlessly Operate with Many 3rd Party Devices

LEXI SmartENTERPRISE is standards based, so your equipment easily works with many third party devices.

Next Generation Energy Management

With the ability to monitor, control, and optimize energy usage in real-time, our platform enables enterprises to not only reduce their environmental footprint, but achieve significant cost-savings.

It also enhance overall competitiveness in today’s dynamic market landscape

Campus/Building Management
  • Building Fleet Management
  • Location Management
  • Floor Plan Upload
  • Floor Plan Location Mapping

Coming Soon

  • AI Generated Digital Twins
Reporting & Analytics
  • Device Telemetry & Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Energy Consumption Reporting
  • Air Quality Reporting & Heat Mapping
  • Alerts & Notifications
Wireless Protocol Support
  • Wi-Fi
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave
  • Thread
  • LoRaWAN
  • Bluetooth & BLE Mesh
  • Cellular
Industrial Connectivity
  • MODBus over Wireless
  • BACNet Integration
  • Integration/Overlay with existing BMS Systems

Coming Soon

  • CANBus Integration
  • MBus Integration
  • Edge AI Models
  • Cloud Automations
  • Energy Management
  • Air Quality Management
  • Circadian Rhythms
  • Lighting Automations
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Campus & Building Automations
Customer Tools
  • Robust Customer Service Portal
  • Real Time View into Deployed Devices
  • Remote Testing of Deployed Devices
  • Remote Device Control (via Cloud)
  • Gateway Log File upload, Cloud Storage
  • CS Ticketing System
  • Bi-Directional CRM Integration
The feedback we got at the Smart Building Show was incredibly positive, lots of people very excited about it [Crane white-labeled LEXI SmartENTERPRISE platform]. We had a lot of engagement since then, wanting us to go in and talk about it and development, when it’s going to be ready, people are keen to implement it. Lots of Systems Integrators in the UK are testing various LoRa devices at the moment, looking to deploy them. This [i.e. Crane white-labeled LEXI SmartENTERPRISE platform”] has got such interest because it is such a step change fro.m just a simple sensor, it’s got so much going on, people are excited to see this use case.

Ian Watts, Senior Product Manager

SmartENTERPRISE for Consumer Electronics, Utilities and Retail

Bridging Wi-Fi with other Wireless Protocols

Wi-Fi devices dominate the Smart Home today. However, Wi-Fi is not the only protocol, and in many use cases, it is not the best protocol (consider battery-powered sensors and outdoor lighting).

LEXI uniquely supports ALL wireless protocols in the Smart Home and easily bridges them all together in a seamless user experience.

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave
  • Thread
  • LoRaWAN
  • Lte
  • PoE
Smart Integrations
  • Alexa
  • Google Home
  • SmartThings

Coming Soon

  • Apple HomeKit
  • Home Assistant
  • HomeBridge
Wholesale Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Video Cloud Storage
  • Video AI Search
  • 24/7 Video Monitoring
  • 24/7 Sensor Monitoring
  • Automated Air Quality Management
  • Water Leak Detection & Mitigation
  • Aging-in-Place Services
  • White Label Billing System
Automated Energy Management
  • AI Automated Energy Management for HVAC and Lighting
  • Energy Consumption Reporting
  • Utility Demand Response
  • Utility Demand Response
Indoor Wellness Functionality
  • Automated Air Quality Management
  • White Label LEXI DEVELOPED Air Quality Sensors
  • Circadian Lighting (multiple models)
3rd Party Device Support
  • Philips Hue
  • Sylvania
  • LIFX
  • Sengled
  • Tp-Link
  • Nanoleaf

Coming Soon

  • Ring
  • Nest
  • Belkin
  • GE Lighting
  • Ecobee
Growing with the Smart Home Consumer

Smart Home consumers are maturing all across the globe as they deploy more and more devices and get more comfortable with the technology.   As they do, their use cases grow more sophisticated with richer interactions.  Whole Home Management, Roles Based Access Control, heterogeneous wireless protocol support and complex rules engines are examples of this growth.  In short, they are converging towards the needs of commercial smart buildings.

LEXI is uniquely able to meet this customer maturation path.

AI & the Smart Home

AI is truly everywhere now and its coming for the Smart Home.

LEXI has several patents in AIoT and we are developing AI & Machine Learning for use in Energy Management and Decarbonization in particular, both of which will soon make their appearance in the residential space.

Installer Support

For new home builds, smart home devices need to be installed and tested by installers without internet access and then ownership transferred to the end user. 

The LEXI Platform supports this functionality.

Future Ready – The Next Phase of the Smart Home

The residential space is following the commercial space where ROI, cost savings and climate mandate compliance are the primary drivers of Smart Building uptake.

The next phase of the Smart Home in the US will be based upon energy management, utility, and cost savings and it’s coming faster than you think.

Because of LEXI’s strong presence in the commercial space, particularly with our European customers where energy costs are far higher and climate mandates are farther along, we will ensure that you are ahead of these changes, instead of playing catch up.