Wireless Building Automation

For Cost Effective Energy Management & Decarbonization

Edge-to-Cloud Platform

LEXI provides a comprehensive suite of IoT functionality – wireless modules, smart devices, and our Universal IoT Gateway at the Edge working with a suite of intuitive mobile applications and our robust bespoke Cloud.

Our technology solutions enable customers to substantially enhance the value of their own products and services, including the ability to offer entirely new SaaS services.

Cost-effective Decarbonization

Decarbonization is an important part of any business strategy today.  Climate mandates such as CRREM in Europe and Local Law 97 in the US are requiring commercial buildings to substantially reduce energy consumption and decarbonize.

LEXI’s SmartBMS is the most cost-effective solution for building retrofits to meet stringent new decarbonization requirements.

AI of Things

We build the technology to wirelessly associate, integrate, report and manage connected devices and buildings.

We leverage AI and Machine Learning to OPTIMIZE their performance and minimize energy consumption and enhance air quality.

Value to Your Organization

Having a wireless solution has rapidly become a core requirement for many companies.  Reducing energy consumption is quickly rising as the new top priority.  LEXI goes beyond just meeting these needs.

  • Wireless enablement of existing equipment with no engineering changes
  • Integrates with existing BMS systems
  • Automated reporting for carbon mandate compliance and energy consumption reporting
  • Seamless integration with Carbon Credit Trading

LEXI SMART Solutions



Wireless, Open-Standards Building Management System
  • Universal wireless protocol support
  • Works with existing infrastructure
  • Climate mandate compliance
  • Automated energy management
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Universal Wireless Protocol Support
  • Universal wireless enablement
  • Broad device/equipment type support
  • Easy retrofit to existing equipment with no design changes
  • Device fleet management
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