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AI Automated Energy Management

LEXI AI Energy Management empowers sustainability, facilities, and operations managers to achieve targets for energy cost, GHG emissions and waste reduction.


LEXI Sentinel is an adaptive, AI-enabled level of protection that monitors activity across the local network for suspicious activities and provides security against attacks for LEXI controlled IoT devices.

Generative Digital Twins

LEXI uses AI to convert floor plants into digital twin models, eliminating the need for manual 3D modeling by artists. By feeding floor plans into our Generative AI, we can use deep learning architecture, such as Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to predict 3D information from 2D floor plans.

Predictive Failure

LEXI has partnered with NXP to develop hardware devices focused on predictive failure. These devices will measure acceleration and wirelessly feed the data into LEXI’s Edge-computing Gateway to run ML models for predictive mechanical failure.
LEXI is also developing Edge-based ML models to for detecting failure in Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) by analyzing fluctuations in current draw.

UWB Occupancy & Fall Detection

Working in conjunction with our partner, NXP, LEXI is utilizing Ultrawide Band (UWB) radar imaging with our Universal IoT Gateway to determine true occupancy and fall detection, including types of falls.