Integrated Devices

Comprehensive Device Coverage, Wireless Modules and DTUs

Connected Devices

LEXI has integrated and provides an extensive array of connected devices. We source 3rd party Smart Home devices for CE/Retail/Utility Customers. We also develop and white-label our own smart devices. LEXI’s in-house developed products enable us to customize wireless protocols and functionality needed by the customer.
For enterprise customers, LEXI sources or (preferably) designs industrial/commercial devices, such as Power Meters, Title 24 compliant Air Quality Sensors, and HVAC Temperature Sensors.

Wireless Modules

For manufacturing customers, LEXI provides an array of wireless modules across all wireless protocols that can be designed into equipment. LEXI works closely with customers’ engineering teams to develop module firmware and then provides schematics, Gerber files, and test plans for implementation.

Data Transfer Units (DTUs)

For manufacturing customers who don’t want to change product design and/or just want to get into the field as quickly as possible, we have created the LEXI Data Transfer Unit (DTU). DTUs deliver Modbus over wireless with an output to an RS-485 port to enable quick conversion from wired to wireless without the need to change anything on the customer’s equipment.