About the Company

Founded in January 2017, LEXI has spent the past 7.5 years developing a comprehensive Enterprise IoT platform.

The company is now introducing the LEXI SmartBMS – utilizing AI Automated Energy Management for commercial building retrofits to meet new stringent climate mandates in North America and Europe. 

Our core mission is to empower real estate asset managers, facilities managers, and others to address the urgency of emerging climate mandate changes worldwide by achieving significant decarbonization in existing buildings.

The UBS Sustainability & Impact Institute’s “Retrofit Revolution” report states that 90% of all commercial buildings will need some form of retrofit to meet new climate mandates for reducing energy consumption and decarbonization.

This includes almost all buildings built before 2010. It should come as no surprise that the older the building, the more energy it consumes and, simultaneously, the harder it is to retrofit.

To retrofit these buildings, a wired building management system (BMS) is largely out of the question due to the cost of running wires in older buildings as well as the fact that most older buildings contain asbestos, which means you can’t drill into the walls or ceiling. As a result, we believe the only cost-effective solution is a Smart/Wireless BMS.

The two core components of a Smart/Wireless BMS are a Universal IoT Gateway and an IoT Cloud.

LEXI has developed what we believe to be the only truly Universal IoT Gateway, which handles more wireless protocols than any other gateway available today (6 protocols plus cellular).

Additionally, LEXI has spent the past 7.5 years developing a bespoke IoT Cloud on DigitalOcean, which enables the company to develop functionality not found on AWS, such as AI energy management linked with carbon credit trading, while tightly coupling it with our Universal IoT Gateway, all at a significant cost savings over AWS cloud costs.