Why does interoperability matter? Imagine this… 

By John Osborne, COO, LEXI / Vice-Chairman of the Board, Z-Wave Alliance/Chairman Emeritus, Connectivity Standards Alliance

It is 2AM and a motion sensor at the far side of your property detects and reports movement via LoRa and you are given an “FYI” notice via your ecosystem. Your camera picks up motion close to the back door and reports a “caution’ alert via WIFI to your ecosystem, which in turn sends commands to turn on all outside lights via Zigbee and a confirmation ‘door lock’ command via Z-Wave. A glass break sensor and a door/window sensor detect and report an intrusion via Zigbee to the ecosystem, which in turn sends commands to turn on all inside lights via Zigbee, sound a siren to a Bluetooth Siren/Speaker and sound an alarm on your phone through Matter protocol.

 THIS is interoperability. 

How do we get there? Again, imagine…. 

You’re a homeowner who has an older smart home solution in your home or a commercial building company that has implemented a solution throughout our building project(s),  but the company from which you purchased the solution has now sunset the product(s). You have a significant investment in sensors and lights that you do not want to lose. Ripping and replacing everything you have spent time and money investing in would be cost prohibitive.


You’re a small company that has a great idea for a special sensor or device, but you don’t have the ability to build an ecosystem to support it. Developing a device, let alone an entire ecosystem, can take significant funding and time. Devices need to be designed, refined, firmware written, tested and certified. Cloud and applications have to be written, refined, tested and maintained. The entire ecosystem must be maintained with enhancements, bug fixes and security updates. All of which require people, time and funding.

The answer is (you guessed it)…Interoperability 

Interoperability enables innovation and growth by removing or easing the ongoing burden on companies and giving consumers (business or individuals) flexibility.

Interoperability gives the user more freedom of choice as technology continuously evolves. An ecosystem may go away but the devices could be repurposed without the user having to purchase an entirely new system. Users can migrate over time from one technology to another without having to ‘fork lift’ their solution.

As long as your hardware is built upon a best in breed protocol you can migrate those devices to LEXI. You can also then expand your smart home with new devices that fit YOUR needs from a brand name YOU prefer. Your lights may be Zigbee. The security devices may be Z-Wave, cameras WIFI, health and wellness Bluetooth, door locks are Matter and long range devices LoRa. You can integrate all those disparate systems under one ecosystem and tie them together with rules and triggers. Otherwise you have to use individual applications for each and none will work well, if at all, together.

You need the right device and the right protocol for the right purpose…

Interoperability enables this world by allowing for greater choices, flexibility on deployments, maintenance and ongoing support while flattening expenses, and making it possible to devote spend to expanding rather than replacing a device ecosystem.

The future is Interoperable and multi-protocol and as the first of its kind, LEXI’s Universal IoT Gateway enables customers to be wireless protocol agnostic when they select their devices and is interoperable with leading 3rd-party brands so they can truly focus on the right device and the right protocol for the right purpose.

Learn more about LEXI’s Universal IoT Platform at lexi.tech.

Be a part of the Future of IoT and the realization of true interoperability: https://rep.pub/lexi-devices

PRESS RELEASE | LEXI Introduces World’s First Universal IoT Platform

White Label, Multi-Protocol + Edge-to-Cloud Offering – Enables Companies to work with all leading ecosystems and across all major wireless protocols

BERKELEY, California – December 1, 2022LEXI, the company behind the industry’s most comprehensive IoT technologies that are transforming how both enterprises and consumers manage and automate their Smart Spaces, today announced the LEXI IoT Platform – a sizable step forward in easing the IoT experience for everyone connecting products, across apps, and across ecosystems.

LEXI’s suite of software and hardware provides complete functionality for enterprise customers to deploy a comprehensive Smart Home offering or Commercial IoT project.

Fully interoperable with leading IoT products/brands, the LEXI IoT Platform is being deployed across market segments including Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Agriculture, Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Control, Logistics and HVAC.

Universal. Multi-Protocol. Interoperable. Intelligent.

What differentiates the LEXI IoT Platform from everything else on the market is it’s far-reaching, future-ready design that supports all major wireless protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, 900MHz, LoRaWAN® and cellular – plus it’s upgradable to Thread and Matter. Intentionally universal, the LEXI IoT Platform caters to all major smart home ecosystems including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT and soon Apple HomeKit, HomeAssistant and HomeBridge.

“This essentially is the missing piece to move IoT stakeholders and users into the next level of smart living as the future is multi-protocol and it’s all about interoperability,” said John E. Osborne II, COO, LEXI. “Manufacturers, telcos and retailers need a flexible, future-proof IoT platform to wrap their brand around, while their customers need the ‘it just works’ factor to finally kick in and spur the adoption and expansion of smart-everything.”

Already being rolled out to international telcos, the LEXI IoT Ecosystem is comprised of three core components:

  • LEXI Mobile Apps: Customizable, white-label iOS and Android mobile apps to add, control and manage devices. Works both with and without the LEXI Universal IoT Gateway.
  • Universal IoT Gateway: Includes support for ALL 5 major wireless protocols plus a powerful NXP processor to run AI models at the edge.
  • LEXI Cloud: U.S.-based cloud includes an admin portal, customer service portal, Roles-Based Access Control (RBAC), remove device control, a Big Data backend, and rich reporting & analytics dashboards.

Additional differentiators include:

  • Only IoT platform cloud built independently; delivers up to 90% cost savings over AWS IoT Core (utilized by competitive offerings)
  • 40% faster in performance (compared to major cloud services)
  • Forward compatibility with new wireless standards including Matter
  • White-Label Options: App, cloud, software, smart devices, Tier 1 customer service, reporting & analytics, warehousing
  • Platform-as-a-Service: Reduced operating costs, effective scalability, provides platform maintenance and flexibility, ready for the future
  • Multi-layered network security with the power to run AI models at the edge
  • Four U.S. patents in the application of Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision, and Artificial Reality to IoT
  • Flexible suite of recurring revenue services can be resold as monthly subscriptions

The LEXI platform is interoperable with third-party devices as well as a wide variety of LEXI white-labeled Smart Devices for Smart Homes, Buildings, and Industries. Products fall under the categories of lighting and controls, sensors, security cameras, air quality monitors, water management, asset trackers and more.

“Companies can buy devices from overseas manufacturers, but they don’t have the resources to develop all the necessary software to competitively deploy, manage, report and support the IoT universe they’re offering to customers,” said Scott Cahill CEO, LEXI. “Our white-label, edge-to-cloud LEXI IoT Platform, which we have spent six years developing, brings relief to today’s often frustrating digital existence by providing not just smart, but intelligent connections to generate new revenue streams, attract new subscribers, and increase customer loyalty through a rewarding connected experience.”  

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About LEXI®

LEXI offers the ultimate gateway to the IoT universe. Our intelligent IoT platform is flexible, future-proof, and designed to empower companies to easily and intuitively add and manage Smart Devices for the home, building, city and agriculture. Our executive team is involved at the board level within leading global standards bodies that are charting the course for the connected future. Built by design to work with ALL leading ecosystems*, ALL major wireless protocols** and to bridge competitive third-party products, our Universal IoT Gateway is unrivaled, the LEXI Mobile App is comprehensive yet uncomplicated, and our U.S.-based cloud services were built by us from the ground up, enabling LEXI to deliver truly unique functionality at up to 90% cost savings over all our competitors. Learn more about the LEXI IoT Edge-to-Cloud Platform and other intelligent advantages at lexi.tech.

*Supports Amazon Alexa®, Google Home®, HomeKit®, IFTTT® & Samsung SmartThings®

**Far-reaching and future-ready: 900MHz, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave plus OTA to BLE Mesh, Thread and Matter

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