John E. Osborne II Joins LEXI As COO

IoT industry veteran brings wealth of experience to push platform even further

LEXI has announced that John E. Osborne II has joined the executive team as COO. In his new role, John will oversee the company’s multi-protocol product development, systems innovation, rapid product commercialization, and agile operations.

John has an established presence in the IoT domain with deep roots in industry alliances that dictate and steer the future of the Internet of Things. He serves as Chairman Emeritus of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly the Zigbee Alliance) – the international force behind the imminent IoT interoperability standard, Matter. He’s also a fixture within the Z-Wave Alliance and currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board – working alongside game-changing institutions for the betterment of the connected world.

Prior to joining LEXI, John was President North America at LEEDARSON – the largest IoT manufacturer in the world. And he gained 20 years of experience at one of the planet’s largest retailers as General Manager for R&D, Operations Research at Kroger.

“John is truly a perfect fit at the perfect time to step in and propel LEXI onto the IoT main stage,” said Scott Cahill, CEO, LEXI. “The future of IoT is multi-protocol, and that’s the realm where John has been leading and living – gathering decades of wireless standards and product expertise, insight and long-running relationships with key players across the IoT universe. Adding him to the LEXI leadership lineup is significant.”

As COO, John supports LEXI’s business objectives to empower companies to easily and intuitively add and manage connected devices to home and commercial environments. LEXI’s flagship gateway solution is universal, interoperable, multi-protocol and intelligent. Earlier this month, the company profiled additional areas of focus and expansion via the launch of its investment campaign at Republic.

“My background spans software, hardware, services and standards for smart home, building, retail – you name it,” said John E. Osborne II, COO, LEXI. “I’ve been globetrotting my entire career to educate and grow the IoT market. I meet, speak, listen and collaborate across continents, and I’m pumped to be here at LEXI funneling my learnings, vision and connections into the tremendous team producing tremendous technologies that already have a foothold in the future.”

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